What do you think are the biggest challenges in your community?

1.       Building sustainable and affordable new houses in the face of the upcoming state-imposed ban on natural gas hookups and propane tank installations.

2.       Improving safety and utility of the roads surrounding Cazenovia Lake for pedestrians and bicyclists.

What are your ideas for addressing these challenges?

1.        The Town Council should take a strong stand in opposition to the unsafe and unsustainable statewide ban on natural gas and propane use for winter heating of single-family homes, while still endorsing the value of ground-loop heat pump installations.  The Council should petition the Legislature to allow local opt-out. If they won’t, we should try to make this element of the housing code locally unenforceable, perhaps by eliminating the paid position of Codes Enforcement Officer and assigning that responsibility to a Town Councilor.  I would volunteer.  

2.        The Town Council should request the County Board of Supervisors to widen the shoulders of county-controlled roads surrounding the lake (East, West, and North Lake Roads).

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Eagle News Candidate Questionnaire
How will your experience serve you in local government?
1.       My entire 35 -year scientific career has been focused on chemical and biochemical utilization
of solar energy.  I can contribute critical thinking about local discussions on all types of green
energy.  In response to a 2006 column former Cazenovia Republican editor Willie Kiernan, I offered a proposal  for using hydropower energy stored in Cazenovia Lake for school buses.  Kiernan never published it, but I used this proposal in my teaching PHY 398, the capstone course in the Syracuse University program on Energy and Its Impacts, as an example of the kind of creativity and critical analysis needed.  My old suggestion may be timely, with the School district pondering the possible charging source for electric buses.
2.       I have been active for four years in planning  the Society for New Music’s Cazenovia Counterpoint festival, particularly in bringing paid musical performers to the Saturday Farmer’s Markets over the past three years.